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Transition to a New Skincare Routine

by admin

| 11 October 2021


How to switch to new skincare without stress? This question is asked by many women of different ages, because our skin, especially facial skin, is tender in all its manifestations. The slightest changes in daily care can cause an allergic reaction, redness, peeling, and so on. But sometimes it is simply necessary to change the usual care products! In this article, we’ll show you how to change your daily skincare routine without stressing your skin.

Why should the transition be smooth?

A sensible, gentle, and gradual transition to a new treatment is needed not only for sensitive skin. It is also needed in order not to MAKE the skin sensitive. The basic rules for facial skin care can be quite simple and easy to do. If you do not know where to start with a well-organized and systematic facial treatment, we recommend that you first consult with a dermatologist.

Forecast for the future

Some dermatologists are confident that soon people will begin to massively reduce the number of skincare steps. In addition to the fact that many will have to cut costs for obvious reasons (the economic downturn after the Covid pandemic), there will be a growing understanding of the impact the beauty industry has on the environment and climate change.

For this reason, we will be looking for multipurpose products instead – those that work effectively and efficiently. For example, sera that contain both retinol and alpha hydroxy acids, and sera that contain azelaic acid in combination with niacinamide. Using one product instead of several to achieve results reduces waste and also reduces the risk of skin irritation and sensitization.

Don’t ignore proper cleansing

Many people cannot imagine washing without foam and believe that the result of cleansing should be “squeaky” skin. This is a huge misconception, which, unfortunately, is actively supported even by some dermatologists. The foam comes from surfactants such as SLS (or sodium lauryl sulfate). As hundreds of studies have shown, they irritate and dry out the skin, forcing it to produce even more oil in compensation. It turns out to be a vicious circle: the skin is oily, we wash it with soap, it becomes even more oily.

In an amicable way, regardless of skin type, choose mild cleansers that do not foam. You will be surprised, but with the transition to them, the skin will become less oily and softer, and the unpleasant feeling of tightness will disappear forever.

And if you cannot achieve a feeling of cleanliness without foam, then those surfactants remain for you that practically do not irritate the skin. Choose mild products in packages that foam immediately when pressed.

Pay attention to the options of pharmacy brands – they are definitely hypoallergenic and will not cause irritation. In addition, they, as a rule, are fragrance-free, so you don’t have to guess what kind of pig in a poke you bought, and the fragrance will not argue with your perfume.

Things to consider when switching to a new line:

  1. You cannot use a whole new care line in one day. Neither European, nor Korean, nor any other. It’s as if you’ve eaten only one food all your life, and suddenly decide to completely abandon it and switch to a raw food diet the next day. It may not end well;
  2. It is worth postponing the introduction of a new serum from the line until the last. The skin will get used to the lower concentration of the new ingredients and will behave well;
  3. Do not enter more than one product per week. This way your skin will not be stressed, and there is another great benefit from this. In the case of allergies, acne, and subcutaneous skin, which are very frequent companions of the new cosmetic line, you will know with one hundred percent probability “who is the one to blame and what to do”;
  4. It is best to choose for yourself the products of one brand that your skin likes the most and change the winter, summer, anti-pigmentation, and other care routines within one brand. This gives the best results both with problem skin and with age-related skin in the context of rejuvenation, not to mention sensitivity – the skin is “happy” from loyalty to one cosmetic brand. It will be easy to insert intensive serums into uniform lines – with retinol, idebenone, or peptides – the skin will perfectly accept them with a good attitude;
  5. The variety that we girls need so much in cosmetics can always be achieved at the expense of additional funds. These are fabric and ordinary masks, accessories and massagers, all kinds of beauty rituals, high-quality care decorative cosmetics;
  6. As a rest for the skin, you can use nothing but one sheet mask for one day a week. In this case you will see the real condition of your skin; you will be able to make measurements of moisture and oil content and the corresponding conclusions that will allow you to adjust the care.
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