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Skincare in autumn

by admin

| 02 November 2021


Autumn is probably the most romantic time. Yellow leaves swirl overhead and we look forward to putting on our favorite soft sweater, spectacular boots, and a new cozy coat.

We carefully protect our body from the cold with clothes, but strong wind and the first frosts mercilessly affect the open skin of the face, our lips, and our hands.

As dry and cool air flows in, the skin can lose precious moisture. Autumn also provides an opportunity to recover from summer skin losses from sun, chlorine, and saltwater.

Features of autumn skincare: restoration and reliable hydration

Hyperpigmentation, dehydration, clogged pores, and inflammation are problems that we can meet at the end of summer, although we followed all the advice of cosmetologists and did not miss any of the stages of proper summer care. Unfortunately, even thorough cleansing, toning, and sun protection cannot completely protect our skin from a complex of powerful irritants: scorching sun, salt, and chlorinated water, excessive greasiness, and dense sunscreens.

The main task of autumn care is to restore healthy skin

You will get help from products and serums with vitamin complexes, which solve several problems at the same time. Vitamins prevent breakouts of acne, protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, increase collagen synthesis and maintain the skin’s hydrolipid balance.

Look for serums with vitamins A (retinol), B3 (niacinamide), B5 (pantothenic acid), C (ascorbic acid), and E (tocopherol).

Autumn is the perfect time for glycerin and hyaluronic acid products. These components attract moisture from the environment, which is abundant in autumn, and give it to the skin, making it fresher, hydrated, and turgid.

Creams and serums should contain regenerating, nourishing, and moisturizing active ingredients to restore the hydrolipidic mantle. An excellent solution is to use serums under the cream, depending on the condition of the skin. They can be hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers, vitamins, anti couperose, whitening. It is ideal to use masks after the sun or anti-stress, which have a regenerating, restorative, nourishing, moisturizing, and soothing effect. The colder it gets, the more nutritious the products should be.

In the autumn period, cosmetics should be a little denser, its composition should be somewhat different: it can be oilier to restore the hydrolipid layer. But in order not to have a comedogenic effect, it is recommended to select such cosmetics individually with a beautician. Cosmetics should be selected with the most fortified content, trace elements, and peptides.

What are the main things to avoid?

It is better to wait with usage of scrubs and gommages, because with such mechanical damage the skin will not have time to recover. The update should be effective but delicate. When exposed to the sun, human skin is protected from ultraviolet radiation not only by melanin but also by hyperkeratosis, that is, by a thick layer of horny cells on the skin surface. And on a tanned face, defects are simply not visible: the thickened stratum corneum hides all the irregularities. As soon as it gradually comes down and takes on a normal thickness, the state of the pores clogged with those very dead cells will unpleasantly surprise you.

Gentle cleansing and acid peels in autumn care

Along with a decrease in air temperature, the activity of the sebaceous glands also decreases. Therefore, it’s important to swap out your summer cleanser for a gentler one. Choose products with moisturizing and caring ingredients: hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, herbal extracts.

Hyaluronic foam for washing gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin eliminating dryness and irritation. Such products have a simple formula, do not contain fragrances, dyes, and alcohol. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The salty seawater, hot air, and the sun’s rays force our skin to become covered with a protective layer, accumulating dead skin cells. In addition, in the fall, regeneration processes slow down in the epidermis, that is, dead cells are not peeled off as actively as in summer.

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