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Skincare after you’re 50

by admin

| 28 October 2021


Proper facial skincare for 50 years is one of the main ways to maintain visual appeal. At this age, people around us subconsciously begin to perceive well-groomed women as ladies, the rest as grandmothers. To stay in the first category as long as possible, you will have to spend a lot of effort and money, but they pay off.

The specifics of mature skin

The withering of the skin is an inevitable consequence of menopause. During this period, the skin becomes dry, even if it used to be oily, its lipid layer becomes thinner, the sebaceous glands produce less and less fat, elasticity and blood supply deteriorate, as a result, deep wrinkles appear, and crow’s feet in the eyelids increase. Muscles weaken, causing sagging of the skin in the eyelids; cheeks, and chin, nasolabial folds become more pronounced. Age spots appear on the face and body, and sometimes hair begins to grow on the face.

For skincare after 50 years, home procedures and folk remedies are no longer enough, you need high-quality cosmetics and the services of cosmetologists.

Plastic surgery is the most radical way to rejuvenate, but it costs a lot of money. In most cases, less expensive tools can be dispensed with.

Cleansing and toning

Cleansing is an important part of facial skincare at 50. Use not soap and tap water for it, but foam, cosmetic milk, herbal decoctions, and infusions. In the morning, tone your skin with ice cubes obtained by freezing decoctions of mint, calendula, linden, chamomile. An excellent tonic is a mixture of equal proportions of cucumber and aloe juice. Exfoliate with only mild scrubs.

Toning is an important step that should not be underestimated or overlooked. Its main functions are to restore and normalize the pH of the epidermis, neutralize residual traces of the products that were used in the washing process. A tonic is most often a liquid and transparent product. It is applied to the face with cotton pads. You may come across a kind of tonic – a spray that must be sprayed and rubbed with light patting movements. As a result of using the toner, you will get a fresh face, prepared for the procedure for applying the cream.

Choose a moisturizer that’s right for your age group. It is important that it includes:

  • retinol to slow down aging and enhance regeneration processes;
  • vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect and inhibits the process of tissue regeneration;
  • vitamin C, which has a protective function and helps to reduce pigmentation;
  • hyaluronic acid to prevent moisture loss.

Products with retinol should take a special place in the care (if the skin tolerates it well). Use them in the evening after washing. It is important to allow the skin to get used to retinol, so you need to use the serum twice a week at first, gradually increasing the frequency of applications (the final goal is every evening). And don’t forget to apply a moisturizer or SPF cream in the morning.

Eat a healthy and balanced food

In modern society, proper nutrition is fashionable. Advertising on the Internet and popular social networks encourage everyone to reconsider their diet. But by approaching this issue wisely and following the principles of proper nutrition, you will not only be in trend but also improve your overall well-being. Eliminate flour, sweet and fatty foods from your diet. Reduce the amount of salt you eat. Substitute fruit and seasonal berries for sweet, healthy baked goods. Don’t forget to eat vegetables, and also increase the number of fermented milk products in your diet.

It is also important not to forget to drink water, thereby moisturizing the skin from the inside.

Use night creams and self-massage

50-year-old night cream for face skincare should have a greasy consistency, contain herbal ingredients, oils, vitamins, mineral salts, and biostimulants. Be careful when applying cosmetics, do not stretch the skin, but use a patting motion. Do not forget that the skin around the eyes needs a special cream since it has practically no fatty layer.

Self-massage and cosmetic facial massage is  an effective method of facial skincare for 50 years. It helps to reduce wrinkles, increase turgor, tightens the oval, stimulates cell metabolism, and gives a fresh look. It is important to do it along the massage lines as if smoothing wrinkles with circular movements of the fingertips. Start from the forehead, then move on to the temples, cheeks, the area around the mouth, chin. After the procedure, apply the cream, according to the time of day.

Go in for sports and forget about bad habits

Do not neglect physical activity! Even mild exercise you can do at home will have an effect. Lead an active lifestyle, walk more. Experts recommend walking at least 10,000 steps a day. Physical education has a positive effect not only on your figure but also on your emotional state.

If you smoke or drink, no amount of modern and expensive facial skin care can help you stay young. Smoking and alcohol are the main enemies to your health and beauty. 

To lovers of solarium and sunbathing in the warm season: we also strongly recommend giving up these habits. Stress and anxiety, coffee and tea abuse, lack of sleep, improper facial care – all these factors accelerate the aging process.

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