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Serum and cream for skincare

by admin

| 06 October 2021


The range of cosmetic products includes many products for skincare. And it includes serum. This is an effective remedy that contains active ingredients. When applied, you can significantly improve the condition of the skin and even remove shallow wrinkles. And for the product to be of maximum benefit, you need to apply it correctly.

What the serum does

Serums consist of active substances, the concentration of which ranges from 30 to 80% (in creams – 5-15%). They have a low molecular weight. The product is enclosed in special nanosomes (transport systems), which carry the composition into the deep layers of the skin.

How does the cream work

In general, comparing cream to serum is like comparing mascara to lipstick. Both tools work effectively but in different ways. The cream is obviously thicker than serum. Its texture interacts with the skin surface in such a way that moisture is sealed, while the skin surface is smoothed and a protective barrier is created. Moisturizing and prolonging the rejuvenation effect will create the desired effect that all women strive for.

Skincare after serum

It would seem that whey is a completely independent product. The composition is concentrated, the formula is powerful – why, after such a product, does the skin also need a cream? We answer this question by analyzing the strong and weak properties of whey.

Let’s recall the main characteristics of funds from this category:

  1. Contains active ingredients in maximum concentration (can reach 70%). The composition depends on the purpose: moisturizing, nutrition, lifting, lightening.
  2. They differ in maximum penetration depth. Encapsulation technologies are responsible for this, helping the ingredients to overcome the barrier of the stratum corneum.
  3. They have a light texture and are absorbed immediately after application.

Meanwhile, there are tasks that most serums do not solve. These include:

  • strengthening of the hydrolipid barrier (the agent stays on the surface to a minimum);
  • protection of the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

The serum is a concentrated product that acts purposefully, is used not instead of, but together with cream. When used in pairs, the products increase each other’s effectiveness.

How serum differs from cream

Let’s take a look at the features of the cream. It is a cosmetic product intended for skincare. It is made in the form of an emulsion. The cream is a complex agent and works with the upper layers of the skin. When using such a product, the skin is moisturized and nourished.

The serum is a very popular product. Its difference from the cream is that the product is not matched to the type of skin and works in deep layers. Therefore, you need to vibrate depending on the type of skin problem. Snail mucin serum is suitable for narrowing pores, eliminating acne marks, and smoothing skin relief. This is a wonderful product that contains peptides, hyaluronic acid, proteins, and allantoin.

As you already understood, the difference between a serum and a cream is significant. The concentration of active ingredients in serum is much higher. Therefore, such a product is intended for intensive skincare. It is used as intended by courses. The cost of the serum is higher than that of regular cream. Women know the benefits of such a unique product. Therefore, they buy a serum to restore youth, eliminate skin imperfections, acne, wrinkles, and get rid of age spots.

How to combine both cosmetic products in care?

First, you choose a cream depending on your skin type, season, and age, use it daily. And if you want to quickly solve a specific problem (dehydration, wrinkles, photoaging, dullness, etc.), add an appropriate serum to the treatment for an intensive effect on the skin.

For what purposes is serum used?

It all depends on the composition of the product and on its purpose. The main tasks with which the tools do an excellent job include:

  • long-term skin hydration;
  • cell restoration;
  • elimination of traces of acne;
  • lightening age spots;
  • elimination of facial wrinkles;
  • prevention of premature skin aging;
  • restoration of damaged skin;
  • increased skin elasticity and tone;
  • improvement of complexion.
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