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My Collagen Powder Challenge Experience

by admin

| 23 November 2021


Ready to embark on a 90-day journey that will transform your skin, hair, and nails? I am a clear example of the fact that it is really possible to change your life in such a short time! Collagen can be obtained from foods such as chicken, beef, fish, pork, leafy greens, and beans. The main goal is to supplement your daily diet with collagen powder for 90 days, while completely eliminating alcohol and sugar. Learn more about my experiences and the benefits of InstaSkinCare Collagen Powder Dietary Supplement in this article.

How did it all start?

My body has changed a lot since the birth of two children. As a young mom, I looked much older than my age, and I was only 26! There was a feeling that pregnancy took my good shape and beauty… Of course, with the advent of children, my life became much richer and happier! But as a young woman, I began to look at myself completely differently. Two pregnancies in a row led me to hair loss, sagging skin, severe cellulite, and being overweight. Internal feelings are very closely related to external changes and can lead to low self-esteem and, as a result, depression.

And after much thought, I realized what would help me find myself again, and that was exercise, healthy eating, and the addition of collagen powder to my routine.

Why am I placing such an emphasis on collagen powder in my daily healthy diet? The fact is that collagen is an important building block for new cells. It helps the skin to look and to be healthy, as well as has a positive effect on our epidermis, cartilaginous joints and helps to improve metabolism.

Results of the first 2 weeks of collagen challenge

I felt the first noticeable results of using collagen in the joints. The first effect was the relief in my right shoulder and knee, which I injured many years ago during cheerleading. After just 10 days of using InstaSkinCare Collagen Powder, I felt tangible ease, and after two weeks the pain was completely gone. Thanks to this, I was able to noticeably lose weight during fitness classes, especially during exercises with squats and jumps. These qualitative changes have greatly increased my energy!

45 days of collagen use

Just a month and a half of using collagen and I can not help but be delighted with how my hair has improved! They have become thick and shiny! Also, they become not only healthier but also obedient, because before my wavy hair did not want to style at all and was often simply uncontrollable. But now, thanks to the collagen, waviness has decreased, and hair care has become much easier!

90 days of collagen use

I am so glad to notice that my skin has become smoother and more toned, and the improvements in the skin of the abdomen delight me! Thanks to the constant use of collagen in my daily routine, I have changed not only outwardly, but also changed my attitude towards myself. This additive helped me develop new healthy habits and achieve relatively quick healthy results.

I have been taking collagen for over 5 years now and I can say for sure that many changes have occurred during this time. My skin looks firm and smooth, and acne and wrinkles are things of the past. In addition, now I understand a lot more about what affects health. The time spent researching healthy habits has paid off in the realization that even simple things like good sleep and good nutrition greatly affect our health and life.

What can I say about supplements? This is not a magic pill that will change your appearance and health overnight, but consistent use will definitely noticeably improve your body and well-being, as opposed to the chaotic use of supplements on different days.

Conclusion: I’m not going to stop. All the experience that I have gained on my way to a healthy body and skin leads me to new goals and new healthy habits in nutrition and daily care. I am an adult woman and I want to look beautiful and healthy, that’s why I take collagen. It is important for me that people have open access to information that explains how our body works, what is good for it, and how you can help it feel healthier and better. We must make an informed choice for health and longevity and understand what we put into our bodies every day.

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