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Hyaluronic acid for skincare

by admin

| 01 October 2021


People started talking about hyaluronic acid at the end of the last century when the first “beauty injections” with drugs based on this substance appeared. The result of its properties is an incredibly rejuvenating and refreshing effect. Today it can be achieved without going into the beautician’s parlor.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

A perfect moisturizer, an elixir of youth, and beauty are not just poetic epithets. Scientists talk about it more down to earth and rationally because it is excellently studied as an important substance contained in any living organism.

Hyaluronic acid (also called hyaluronate) is a biopolymer that is synthesized in the body by proteins and themselves become part of complex proteins. As an irreplaceable compound, it is found in joints and connective tissue, body fluids, the vitreous substance of the eyes, skin, and nerve tissues. It has only one minus: it’s number decreases over time. Then it’s time to think about the synthesized acid in food supplements and cosmetics.

The effect of hyaluronic acid on the skin of the face is comprehensive and quite obvious:

  • moisturizes the skin, eliminates dryness and flaking;
  • increases the elasticity of the skin;
  • smoothes expression lines, nasolabial folds;
  • softens;
  • eliminates age-related skin changes.

In addition, it effectively heals wounds, promoting skin regeneration.

As we have said, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases with age (this also happens, for example, with collagen and elastin). Factors that accelerate this unpleasant process are exposure to sunlight, tobacco smoke, and polluted air. But even if you protect your body from the negative effects of the environment as much as possible, the process of natural production will still begin to slow down one day. As a result, the water balance in the tissues is disturbed, the skin and hair look dull and dehydrated, and the body ages faster.

There are different ways to “replenish” stocks from the outside. Some prefer injections (they are also called “beauty injections”) and food additives, others are limited to cosmetics with hyaluronic acid in the composition.

Application in cosmetics

The path of the magical hyaluronic acid to the cream jar was not so easy. Large molecules can easily be injected into the skin. But how to get them to overcome the epidermal barrier in the composition of the cream? Scientists have learned to break up large molecules and use low molecular weight, or fragmented, hyaluronic acid in cosmetics. It penetrates the epidermis faster, easier, and deeper and begins to act. It is no coincidence that today it is one of the most popular ingredients in creams, masks, gels, and serums.

It is used both in basic care and in products designed to solve more specific problems.

Hyaluronic acid creams

  1. Face cream

Hyaluronic acid is found today in almost every second face cream. So when choosing, pay not so much attention to this component as to other features of the cream: for what type of skin and time of day it is intended, what effect it promises.

  1. Eye cream

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate, which means that it needs specific care. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid paired with glycerin is responsible for intense hydration, and caffeine helps to cope with puffiness.

  1. Tone cream

A new generation of “smart” make-up: the cream flawlessly adjusts to the natural skin tone, evens it out, restores the radiance to the skin. Another undeniable advantage: the foundation is enriched with hyaluronic acid, which means it enhances and makes everyday moisturizing care more effective.

  1. Hand cream

Hand or body cream with hyaluronic is a relatively rare occurrence. But if you find it, buy it without hesitation: hyaluronic acid is good in any form.

  1. Hyaluronic acid patches

They will save you after a hard flight and help your skin recover after a stormy party. Some of the products based on a formula with green tea and hyaluronic acid will be the best choice. They intensely moisturize, add radiance, smooth fine wrinkles – and all this in just 15 minutes.

  1. Masks

If you need to invigorate your face in express mode, a mask with hyaluronic acid is one of the best types of SOS products. Pay attention to masks that contain two types at once – low molecular weight and high molecular weight, which means that it solves problems at different levels. The formula is supplemented with agave yeast extract, which activates the production of its own hyaluronic acid.


Multifunctional serum increases the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin by 30%. It is included in the composition of the tool in three forms at once:

  • high molecular weight, that is, in the form of full-fledged molecules that remain on the surface of the skin, preventing moisture from evaporating;
  • fragmented, which is able to penetrate the epidermis and retain moisture in the deeper layers of the skin;
  • encapsulated: combined with polymerized phospholipid and enclosed in microcapsules to enhance the moisturizing effect.

Molecules of proxylan glycoside, wild rice, and licorice extracts enhance and consolidate the action of hyaluronic acid. 4-6 drops in the morning and in the evening help to increase the level of hydration, which means, reduce wrinkles, increase the density of the skin, and improve its texture.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally abundant in a wide variety of body systems and cannot be harmful when applied topically or injected under the skin. Therefore, you do not have to worry when you decide to apply it to your daily routine.

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